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4 Sighting

Hello! Either I am 4 Sighting at a 4N for you already or you have come to this page because you are looking for a 4Sighter.  Below you will find the current 4 Sights that are available to be done, plus resources that you can use to market your meeting and get yourself some more passporters and visitors.  

Available 4Sights

  1. Websites, Man and Boy.
    Why do some websites work and some fail?  John looks at some of the client business models that he has worked with in his twenty years of building websites to give you some insights into what can be done right and what can be done wrong.  If your business has an online presence, this is a must see 4 Sight.

  2. The Monsters Aren't Coming
    The rise of AI and what it means for your business.  
    With the world we live in changing more rapidly than often feels comfortable or safe, what are the implications for your business and working practices.  John looks at AI, what it is, how it's used and what you can do to avoid getting drowned in the technical tide wave rolling in.  

  3. The Power of Story
    You tell stories in your business all the time.  When you tell well structured, compelling stories, you gain more connection with your audience. Connected audiences turn more easily into clients.  John crafts online stories for a living.  He's also a twice-published novelist. In this 4 Sight he gives you practical tips on how to make your own stories grab the attention of the people you want to appeal to.


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