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We make clever websitesfor you and yourcustomers

Websites for your customers

Pearson Treehouse Websites for your customersDo you have customers who ask you to advise them on websites? Perhaps you are a graphic designer, a marketing executive or a printer. What do you do when you get the question? Do you try to do a site yourself and get bogged down in the build? Do you pass the lead on to someone else in the hope that you’ll get leads in return?

We’d like to tell you about a different way.

Since 2004 a large part of our business has been working with companies and individuals in your position. We provide an outsourced web design and development department that can come in to support you at whatever stage of the process you want. We have fixed trade prices for re-sellers that give you plenty of head room to add a reasonable mark-up. Plus, we are always very happy to speak to your customers, under your banner to work out exactly what they need, then pass a bespoke quote to you ready for you to add your mark-up and pass on.

We go to meetings with re-sellers and provide phone advice with the sales process. Whether you are experienced and know what your client wants or need a little bit more looking after we are here as your outsourced web design and development department. All our sites are content managed meaning you and or your customer can access the pages to edit content wherever you want, without needing to ask us every time.

Do you want to know more?

Find out who uses us?Read our FAQ Example of profits

An example of revenue you could earn

Let's look at a conservative example of a graphic designer* over five years. 'Direct Graphics' are a busy graphics agency who do a lot of design of all types...

As part of their day to day work, they tend to get requests for website design. On average, they get a website design every couple of months. That's six websites a year. Four of those sites are basic content managed systems. Two of those sites are slightly more involved with custom systems. In addition, two websites a year take a support package and one takes a copyrighting package to get a blog. All of the websites take hosting too!

Direct Graphics use Pearson Treehouse from the coding stage onward, but do their own designs. Below is a breakdown of the profits they make purely through Pearson Treehouse. In addition of course, they charge directly for their design, for training and potentially for content updates too.

  Sites live Profits from website build on six sites Profits from hosting Profits from support Profits from copy writing Total
Y1 6 £1396.00 £216.00 £180.00 £90.00 £1882.00
Y2 12 £1396.00 £432.00 £360.00 £180.00 £2368.00
Y3 18 £1396.00 £648.00 £540.00 £270.00 £2854.00
Y4 24 £1396.00 £864.00 £720.00 £360.00 £3340.00
Y5 30 £1396.00 £1080.00 £900.00 £450.00 £3826.00
          Total £14,270.00

* This forecast is based a conservative analysis of previous activity of real existing long term resellers. Direct Graphics is a fictionalised name used as an example. It uses a few averages and doesn't include potential drop of of sites if Direct Graphics' clients' situations change.

Who uses us?

Graphic Designers love working with us.

Why? Because we enable you to offer a comprehensive range of website products without having to spend lots of time learning code or building the sites yourself!
We work from your layer separated PSD to build the master web pages to your design specifications. Once built, we add the pages into our content managed website system as a page template. Your customer, the site owner, can apply the template to any page as they add them. Need more than one-page design per site? No problem - we'll turn them all into templates that the site owner can choose on a per page basis.

Printers love working with us.

Why? Because they know their customers will get a fabulous website in keeping with the printed material they have had created.
Printers usually have enough on their plate without having to work on client websites too! With Pearson Treehouse, printers can make revenue on design, build and hosting.
We'll take the hassle out of your hands, speaking to your customers for you, finding out their needs, creating the quote for you and running the job. Meaning all you need to do is pass the lead and deal with the invoicing!

Web designers love working with the Us.

Why? Because through us you can extend your range of products and services without having to learn new systems and programming skills.
All our sites use CMS Made Simple, the award winning content management system, at their core. We can take your HTML code and use it as templates to take any static HTML site and make it content managed.
Unlike other popular systems used to content manage websites, CMS Made Simple is developed to be both easy and powerful, making it a breeze for your customers to use without sacrificing function. We also provide comprehensive training and support through our cmshelp4.me website.

Marketing and PR companies love working with us.

Why? Because our websites provide you and your customers with an effective, reliable and tailor-made communication platform to get your messages across.
Whether you want our graphic designers to design the site with you, or prefer us to work with designers of your choice and deal with development only, Pearson Treehouse will find the right solution for you. We enter the website creation process at exactly the stage you require. Once the site is built, you'll find it easy to provide ongoing content services to your client creating your own income on top of the revenue the site will earn.

And our sites are not just simple content managed systems. Our modular system allows us to build clever custom sites. Need a custom cinema system people can 'rent' streamable movies from? No problem? Need a specialist invoicing system? Need a custom intranet? We build solutions for your clients' unique problems every day.

Reseller FAQ

Is there an ongoing contract to be a reseller with you?

No. We make it as easy as possible for you. You simply buy each site on a per site basis. You do not have to sign up to any contract to sell our sites, and you are under no obligation to use us on all your sites. Many existing resellers (particularly web and graphic designers) will build simple websites themselves and only use our sites when they do not have the skills or time to complete the job.

Can I set my own prices?

Yes, absolutely. We do have a price list gives you a recommended retail price as well as our trade prices, but you are free to set your own prices.

I can do my own web design, I only need the sites building. Will you do just that?

Sure. A number of our resellers are graphic designers. They do all their own design and then send us the visual to turn into the website.

I'm not sure of my customer's needs. How can you help?

We are always happy to come to meetings with you in order to act as your technical consultants. We can even take the meetings for you. We will also call your customer on your behalf to discuss their website requirements.

I don't think I want to be a full reseller. Can I just pass you leads and get a commission?

We do occasionally do this, but we don't recommend it. If you pass a lead we will pay a commission on the job based equal to the difference between our trade price and recommended retail price (This is currently £215.00). However, it is too much administration to track where direct clients come from each time they contact us for further work - thus you are losing out on the potential source of ongoing revenue from customers coming back to you. Reselling means the customers are always your customers and you are always part of the deal.

Why not just call now on 01604 807752 or email us? John will be happy to answer your questions directly!

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