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25 Years 1999 - 2024

The fully bespoke, custom designed,

Pay-As-You-Go Website

You’ve outgrown your ‘build-your-own’ or WordPress website. You know you need a custom website to stand out from the competition, but you’re concerned about cashflow.

Pearson Treehouse has a solution.

A totally bespoke website, custom designed and built to your specific company needs that speaks to your target customers and sells your products and services. Plus full content management capabilities.

And all at a manageable monthly cost of £75.00

bespoke payg website from Pearson Treehouse Click here

Enterprise level

Website Applications

At the core of your business idea is a website. It’s where the action happens and it’s where your revenue is generated.

Use our expertise to build the engine that powers your site.

And see your plans fly!

website applications from Pearson Treehouse Click here
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It's so important that the person working on your website gets you and really understands what you're trying to achieve, and I'm so grateful that John is that guy.



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We build clever websites for you.

How do you make your website stand out and appeal directly to your target market? It's often the first thing people see. It needs to reflect your company, your outstanding products & services and it needs to work for a living! If it isn’t actively doing its job, it isn’t working.

Your site should be easy to update. It should look unique, stunning, and professional on every screen size. It needs the custom functionality your business requires. Plus, it needs to do all that within your budget.

So, get in contact to let me take you though ways we work and see if we are the perfect fit for one another. If we are, I’ll tell you how we'll help, and if not, I’ll happily help you find the right solution. I'm always happy to chat and all advice is always free.

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Wow, I am blown away by the amazing job John has done! He knew what I needed even before I knew it myself.
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Some we made earlier

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John is a first-class web designer. He knows his subject, is approachable, patient, efficient, problem solving and customer-focused. Highly recommended.
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Who we are

John Scotcher - the boss

John’s had a varied career. He started teaching early Photoshop straight out of university. He was a tie designer and then lead web designer for another company before starting Pearson Treehouse to provide web design in Maidenhead in 1999.

John is the front facing part of the company and will look after you from start to finish.

When he isn’t running Pearson Treehouse, John can be found building sheds on the land surrounding his 17th Century Welsh farmhouse. He also enjoys hiking in the great outdoors, accompanied by Louise, their daughter Tovi and the dogs.

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Louise Scotcher - the real boss

Louise is master of the company admin. She’s a wealth of organisational knowledge from years spent as a head of department at public schools. She’s also great at keeping John in check!

Louise also runs her own successful private tuition business, tutoring students all over the world in English. You can see more about her tutoring services at www.your-english-tutor.online

As a mother to Tovi, who is 4 years old and being active in two businesses, Lou doesn’t believe there is such a thing as spare time. On occasion though she turns her hand to ‘fun work’, namely the house renovations and being creative in the garden.

Fernando Morgado - the code hero

Fernando is our go-to guy for complex code. He gets shoulder-deep into the scripting languages we use, coming up with advanced unique website functions.

Fernando is also the lead developer of CMS Made Simple – the content management system we use. He's among the most skilled people in the world when it comes to CMSMS. It’s hard to state how lucky we are to have that level of skill on tap.

When he’s not wearing his (black leather) coding hat Fernando loves all things creative. He’s an accomplished musician and photographer, plus he dabbles in silkscreen printing and VJing. He lives on the beautiful east coast of Portugal with his family.

Graham Barking and Harris The Dog - the distractions

These dogs are idiots. They tend to spend most of their time playfighting at the back of the office. You might see their antics when you have a 121 with John. They are regular cause of him muting during online networking events.

Harris The Dog is eleven – old enough to know better. Graham Barking is just a few months and looking like he will never know anything. He is very good at clearing the sofa in a single bound despite being small. So, that’s something, right?

They bring absolutely nothing useful to the business, but they are part of the family.

It's a lovely idea, but no - their paws just don't work on keyboards. Thus, they have not setup their LinkedIn. ;-)

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