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25 Years 1999 - 2024

Enterprise level Website Applications

You have a business idea. Central to the success of your business is the website. Your revenue is generated by the users of that website. Whether they register to join a paid community, pay to process tasks or data, take online courses, buy and sell goods in an online marketplace or any of the host of other online business models out there, you need that website to be robust and reliable.

You need a website that has an easy-to-use UI (user interface) so that your paying clients can do what they need to do on it with ease and efficiency. You need the look and feel of the site to bring your users back time and time again, increasing the engagement, activity and transactions carried out.

And you need an engine to drive your site that is scalable, enterprise level, capable of working with a large quantity of data and doing it all in a secure, privacy-driven way.

We can help. We’ve built enterprise-level solutions and website software many times. We use a reliable engine in our go-to system CMS Made Simple that is both modular and extensible. With such 'website lego' in our hands, plus the expertise and experience in the system we have access to, we can build the application you need.

We’ve also guided clients from the initial idea to building a blueprint ready to start considering the solution. Whether your business idea is at the startup concept stage or fully formed and ready for development, our experience can get you where you want to be. If you are at those early idea stages and you need a sounding board or a devil's advocate we offer development consultancy to turn dreams into plans into reality.

So, get in contact to find out more, or take a look at the FAQs below.

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We got not only a great-looking site, but one that does so much more than ‘off the shelf’, tailored to our specific requirements.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if my idea is good?

Ah yes!  That old question.  Well, eventually, if you bring your idea to market, the market will tell you.  In the meantime we provide consultancy from the earliest stages of an idea, bringing a healthy dose of realism even if that’s in the initial free conversation with John.

We probably get between 5 and 8 individuals/companies approach us each year with their ideas.  We usually take on less than half of that as jobs.  Of course, that can be because they think we are not right for them.  However it is just as likely that we don’t think the concept is going to work, or we think that the project cost (both the stuff we can do and the other stuff that the concept would need) will ever be possible to recoup.  John would rather be honest in his opinion and advise for free than take on a job that his experience tells him will not ever make money.

What will this cost me?

That’s a bit like asking ‘What will a car cost me’.  The answer would of course be ‘What car are you buying?’ 

If we are the only people that you are getting a quote from we WILL tell you to get more quotes.  To get understandable ‘like-for-like’ quotes, you need to start with a fully formed website application specification.  That can be as simple as a comprehensive listing of all the things that your website needs to do, but without it, you are nowhere.

If you are at that stage, get in contact to discuss the project.  If you are not, consider getting in contact to discuss consultancy with John – taking your ideas and turning them into that specification document that you will need to start costing out your idea.

How do you build my idea?

When you get to the development stage, we use a system called CMS Made Simple as the central ‘engine’ of your site.  It is the same system we use for all of our websites because it is scalable, modular and with a central ‘structure’ that lends itself to building website applications. 

We’ve been developing sites in CMSMS since 2008.  Not only do we develop in the system, but we are an active part of the Open Source Community that builds and maintains the software.  John is currently Chairman of the CMSMS Foundation based in Canada.

The best way to find out more about how we can build and get a demo of the system is to book a 121 with John using the links on this page.

What if I want to talk to you, but my idea is ‘secret’?

We understand.  We have signed plenty of NDAs(non-disclosure agreements) in the past when a prospective client is concerned about keeping their fledgling plan under wraps.  We are happy to do so at no cost. 

Where do I go from here?

Because every website application business is so utterly different, the best thing to do is book a 121 with John to discuss your idea.

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John's talent is out of this world and his years of experience in the industry make him invaluable.
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OrCall for a chat01604 807752